Fun With Cousins

A couple of weeks ago my cousin Beka, her husband Bill and their daughter Anika came for a visit.  Hailey was so excited that Anika was coming that she could hardly wait for her to get here!  I think they came for the 4 hottest days we have had all summer.  It was hot but we had fun anyways!

Here are some pictures of the fun we had together:

Livin With Me

We started out at the zoo.  Brooke and Hailey enjoyed petting a goat.

Livin With Me

The goats were a little bit pushy about getting their food so Hailey wasn’t able to feed them because they kept trying to jump on her.  The goats loved Rich!

Livin With Me

Anika and Hailey heading off together.

Livin With Me

Rich, Hailey and Brooke pose for a picture.

Livin With Me

Rich, Hailey, Bill and Anika on the slides.

Livin With Me

Anika and Hailey also spent some time swimming in my parents’ pool.  Afterwards they had a snack and drew with chalk on the patio.

Livin With Me

Another day they played in the sprinkler over at our house.  It took them a few minutes to decide whether or not they liked the sprinkler.  As you can see Hailey decided she loved it.

Livin With Me

Anika and Hailey playing in the sprinkler.

Livin With Me

My dad had to go out and buy the girls a little wading pool to play in- and they loved it!

We had lots of fun together.  When Beka and I were younger we spent lots of time together and I have lots of fun memories from our times together.  I hope that Hailey and Anika will be able to make lots of happy memories together too!


Livin' With Me!

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0 comments on “Fun With Cousins

  1. OH MY GOSH, did you ever get some cute pictures! I love the one of them holding hands and then I love the one on the slide! SO CUTE!!!

  2. Great pictures. I think this is the first time that I have seen a faint resemblance between Brooke and Hailey…something in the top picture.
    It is great to have cousins around. My brother was so excited when we moved up here because his kids had not had family around. We need to get together more often and get some pictures.
    And I remember the days growing up….playing in the sprinkler…fun, fun!

  3. Ron Galvan on said:

    Hello, Joined your Blogaholics Anonymous club. Nice pics. have a great day.

  4. Love the pictures!! It was a great weekend!! Even if it was HOT!! It is always fun making memories!!

  5. OH my goodness.. those are some of the cutest pictures ever.. looks like they had so much fun together.

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