Hailey’s Trigger Thumb

Remember when I posted about Hailey’s trigger thumbs here and here?

Here’s a quick explanation in case you didn’t read the other posts.  In February of 2008 Hailey was diagnosed with trigger thumb in her right hand and we were told she needed surgery.  This is basically what trigger thumb looks like:

Trigger Thumb

Trigger thumb is where the thumb is stuck in this bent position and can not be straightened because of a swollen tendon that can not glide like it is supposed to.

We decided to wait on the surgery because sometimes trigger thumb will correct itself.  Then last fall her left thumb became stuck as well.  So, we went back in January of 2009 to see the surgeon again and to decide on doing the surgery.  He said it had to be done because it was unlikely her thumbs would correct themselves given the length of time they had been stuck.  Usually once they have been stuck for a year they stay that way unless surgery is done.

I put off scheduling the surgery again and finally scheduled it for March 31st.  About a week before we found out we were not going to be able to make that appointment and I had to reschedule her surgery for April 14th.  On March 31st Rich and I were talking about Hailey’s thumbs and he was looking at them and noticed they were both straight.  Sometimes she “pops” them and they go straight for a little while but always return to being stuck in the bent position.  But later that day she was still able to straighten them.  Later that week she was still able to straighten them.  And today?  She is still able to straighten them.

Woo Hoo!!!!!

We were able to cancel her surgery and her thumbs seem to be just fine.  So- thank you to everyone who prayed for Hailey and her trigger thumb.  God answers prayer!!


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8 comments on “Hailey’s Trigger Thumb

  1. Sharon on said:

    Melanie that is great!
    Having to put a child through surgery is not easy. It is good to know that our God always has the last say in matters of our health.

  2. Yay!! Go you for waiting!!!!

  3. That is wonderful news! Yeah for miracles — it does seem that all the ‘putting it off’ and reasons to reschedule were happening for a reason!

  4. Praise the Lord.. that is wonderful news..

  5. rachel on said:

    Thank goodness for delaying surgery. woo hoooooo

  6. Andrea on said:

    That’s AWESOME news!! Yay!! :) I hope it stays away for good this time.

  7. Mother Mayhem on said:

    ’Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,
    And to take Him at His Word;
    Just to rest upon His promise,
    And to know, “Thus says the Lord!”

    Emily came home from the NICU with splints on her thumbs. You can’t tell that anything was ever “wrong” with them now. :o )

  8. Andrea (Lifesong) on said:

    Wow — how amazing that on THE DAY that the surgery was scheduled for originally that you noticed the correction in her thumbs.

    That’s God speaking to you right there!!

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