We Have a Buyer!

As you know our house went up for sale last week on Thursday.  Our real estate agent set up a couple of appointments for Saturday.  Then he held our open house on Sunday which had a good turn out.  One of the appointments from Saturday came back on Sunday for a second look around.  Then on Sunday evening they gave us an offer for our house.  It was a good offer, pretty close to what we were asking for, so we accepted it.

So now we have to have the house inspection done.  We don’t know yet when it will be (they buyers have to schedule it), but it will have to be done by Sunday.  Once the buyers sign off on the home inspection we will feel pretty comfortable that the sale will go through.  The buyers will still need to have their loan approved- but they were already pre-qualified so it shouldn’t be a problem.  Although with our crazy economy, you just never know.

Our real estate agent has said he will continue to show our house though, just in case any problems do come up with the buyers we can hopefully have a back up offer.  So, I am still trying to keep our house as clean as possible but I am not stressing over it at all.

Anyhoo, please pray that everything goes smoothly!  I’ll keep you updated with what is going on.


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18 comments on “We Have a Buyer!

  1. Oh that is wonderful news! I hope everything else goes smoothly and turns out wonderful! Wow! Do you need to start looking for a house now or will you wait to make sure everything goes through? YEAH!!!!

  2. chelle on said:

    WOW! That was fast! As a recent buyer I have to say it drove me nuts when the realtor still showed MY house to others. We had everything all set to buy we were waiting for the time period to pass that was it!

    Congrats!!!! So exciting!

  3. Giselle on said:

    Good Luck! Selling a home right now is tough and you are so lucky to have a buyer. I will keep you in my thoughts!

  4. jennifer on said:

    Selling a house is so stressful. I will keep you guys in my prayers.

    I am glad you got a buyer so quickly, that is great news.

  5. MarvelousMOM on said:

    Wow that is so awesome. I will keep my fingers crossed for you guys. I hope everything works out.

  6. Patti on said:

    Yayyyy!!!! Congratulations!!!!! If everything goes through (which I just know it will), how soon will you guys get to move back home??? Have you started looking for places there yet???

  7. JenLo on said:

    Wow! As Eric would say, that was “MAD” quick!

  8. PaulsHealthBlog.com on said:

    Man, that was fast! We plan to sell our house in a few years. Hopefully, once we put it on the market, it will sell fast too.


    Eat Well. Live Well.

  9. Ashley on said:

    Congratulations!!!!! Everyone must be sooo excited!!

  10. Michelle on said:

    Yippie! Congrats. Wow that was fast. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that everything goes as planned. Thanks for your advice on getting a Google rank. Yes, I do payed post. Though not many lately. Sure, I’d love the link on how to get a rank. Thanks for the help. Take care.

  11. OH MY GOSH, what a blessing! Especially in this economy! I can’t believe you already have an offer! YAY!!!!!!! I’ll pray everything goes through. How exciting!!

  12. rachel on said:

    OH my goodness in this market that is amazing. I hope it all works out! So excited!

  13. Jamie on said:

    WOW! Congrats! That’s so exciting! :)

  14. Andrea (Lifesong) on said:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Keep us posted….can’t believe how quick that was!!

  15. Mother Mayhem on said:

    How exciting! Saying a prayer! :o )

  16. MamaGeek on said:

    That is SUCH GREAT NEWS (given today’s state). Sending wishes and loads of luck your way Melanie.

  17. Regina on said:

    WooHoo!!! I had no idea (I have not visited ANY blogs in about 2 weeks)! I am happy for you, That was a fast turn around. I pray that things continue to go smoothly for you guys!

  18. common mom on said:

    OMG that is sooooo exciting! And how wonderful for it to happen so fast when houses seem to be waiting to be sold for-EVER!

    Thoughts of you and the fam :-)

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