Christmas Continued

The day after Christmas we headed out of town to visit our family.  We had Christmas with my side of the family on Saturday.  Here are a few pictures of the fun:

Livin With Me

I know it’s a little out of focus, but I have to take what I can get with Brooke.  She hates having her picture taken just as much as I do.  So even though it’s out of focus I can still see her face!

Livin With Me

All of the excitement was a bit much for Dottie.  She had to take a break from opening her presents for quick nap.

Livin With Me

Hailey is modeling her new apron.

Livin With Me

The aftermath of opening the gifts, just a little mess to clean up.  See me on the couch?  Don’t I look great?  It’s not my fault- remember I was sick.

Livin With Me

Hailey and Aunt Ellie had lots of fun playing in Hailey’s new Rose Petal Cottage.

Livin With Me

Hailey posing for a quick picture before church on Sunday.

We celebrated Christmas with Rich’s side of the family on Tuesday but I didn’t bring my camera with me.  What kind of blogger doesn’t have her camera at all times?  A bad one.  So- sorry I don’t have any pictures from there to share.  But here is one of Hailey playing with one of her gifts she got from Nana and Grandpa (Rich’s parents).

Livin With Me

Hailey loves to clean with her vacuum- she gets it out every day and cleans up the house.

That’s it for my Christmas pictures.  I’ll be back with a few pictures from our New Years celebration.


Livin' With Me!

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11 comments on “Christmas Continued

  1. Now that is a stash of presents! Love the apron shot :)

  2. That photo of Hailey in front of the Christmas tree with her dress on is absolutely darling!

  3. Melissa on said:

    Looks like it’s time to get your little one a Dyson and put her to work! :)

    Cute pictures.

  4. Jenna @ Newlyweds on said:

    Looks like you guys had a great time, and all the toys, wow!

  5. you bad blogger you ;P
    Looks like you all had a fun christmas.. I feel your pain with trying to get a picture of Brook.. Aubrie is always hiding her face anymore.. did you see our christmas pictures LOL.
    Glad you all had a nice christmas.

  6. Looks like a great time for everyone (well, maybe not you since you were sick). Hailey is such a beautiful girl!

  7. MamaGeek on said:

    Oh what a blast! My favorite shot is definitely the pooch all tuckered out, what a hoot!

  8. I love that picture of Hailey and her aunt…so cute!

  9. Regina on said:

    Great pictures! I love Hailey in that apron! My,my and she vacuums too!

  10. sheila on said:

    Wow, what a beautiful house! Beautiful pics too! I LOVE the ones with all the wrapping paper all about. Those are the best! And that one with the exhausted dog? OMG, funny!

  11. I love that cottage. All the pictures are so cute! Thanks for sharing your fun holiday!

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