Only Daddy Will Do

Lately the only one that Hailey wants is Daddy.

If I try to help her in the bathroom she says, “Daddy will do it!”

If I try to help her get dressed she says, “Daddy will do it!”

If I try to clean her up after dinner she says, “Daddy will do it!”

If I try to put her coat on to go out she says, “Daddy will do it!”

At first it was kind of nice that she wanted him to do all of those things for her. A little break for me. But now it is starting to make me feel bad. Because there isn’t anything left that she wants me to do to help her (although occasionally she wants me to wipe her nose). I always thought that kids were supposed to want mommy to do those kinds of things. So is this a normal stage? Or should I keep on feeling bad?


Livin' With Me!

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18 comments on “Only Daddy Will Do

  1. Ours is the opposite and it’s both kids right now. Dad was gone for 2 nights & offered to put both to bed last night. Neither of them was having it. And one of mine is 6! It is normal and it will switch.

  2. It’s a normal phase, enjoy while it last!

  3. its normal my 2 1/2 year old does the same thing last night i had to beg her to be able to put her in her carseat cause daddys back hurt and she finally said ok mommy but not in a nice tone lol!!

  4. common mom on said:

    Normal – completely normal. Seriously, enjoy it while it lasts. She’s just giving Daddy his due :-) She’ll be “back” in no time, and with a vengeance . . . mommy, mommy, mommy – the sweetest and sometimes most annoying word to hear in the English language ;-)

  5. Andrea (Lifesong) on said:

    My girls have gone back-and-forth. Right now it’s mostly ‘mommy do it’…but there have been phases where they just want daddy, and i know your mixed feelings about it! hang in there — before you know it, she’ll want YOU for everything once again.

    Why can’t they have a middle balance???

  6. It will not last , belive me I know VOTED GOOD LUCK

  7. Comedy Plus on said:

    This is completely normal. Just go with the flow. This too will pass. Have a great day. :)

  8. MamaGeek on said:

    I’m thinking that this too shall pass! Enjoy the little time off!

  9. Don’t feel bad! She will swing back and want you again soon. Until then, enjoy the help from Daddy- heck, he can’t say no when Hailey asks him to do it right? You should teach her to ask him to do the laundry or clean the bathroom :)

  10. fantacy on said:

    It is a completely normal phase :)
    I have a 13 1/2 yr old boy, a 10 yr old boy, and a 4 yr old daughter. ALL of them went through the “mommy only” phase when they were very little, then as soon as they were old enough to get a teeny bit of independence all of the sudden they wanted daddy for the things that they did need :( . They do grow out of it a bit though, so hang tight momma and enjoy the break a bit longer :) and you might find out that it is sooner than later!
    I think it is because at this age they see daddy as not only the “protector” of the family but also as the playmate, *sigh* I don’t think they truly appreciate mommy until they are completely grown and starting to experience life :)

  11. Jennifer on said:

    This is very much Normal! My kids go back and forth all the time!! It’ll be back to “mommy do it” soon enough, I promise!!

  12. I think it’s adorable, although it can be sad! Take the break and know she’ll be clinging to you again soon :)

  13. Rebecca C on said:

    Its normal, they tend to switch back and forth. Don’t feel bad!

  14. Don’t feel bad….she has found a hero…but he will never replace Mommy. ;)
    How cool that they have this relationship. If it can stay strong maybe it will help her find a man that loves her for who she is.
    That’s a good thing.

  15. Melanie-I thought maybe this was just a boy thing but now that hailey is doing the same with her Daddy I know that is not the case. I think that as moms we have tough jobs since we are with our kids more often than the day (in most cases). I have learned that when max is sick or feeling blue-it is mommy he wants and I am sure that will never change. Thanks for being so honest in this post.

  16. You forgot to add that she still won’t let me put her socks on, “only mommy do it.” I also wanted to add that if I come up missing next week it’s because my mother-in-law said she was going to stuff me in the Duffel Bag you’re giving away. All because I made a comment about her feet.

  17. Yep. Normal. My daughter did that. Now she’s back to me. I get so frustrated that they ALWAYS come to me! Sometimes I lose it and yell, “DO YOU SEE THAT PERSON SITTING OVER THERE DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING??? YOU CAN ASK HIM TO DO THINGS, TOO!!!”

    I hope this switches soon.

  18. Okay, I’m really likin your blog.

    Don’t feel bad about your daughter wanting her daddy over you. Enjoy it. In about 8 years she’ll think both of you are lame. lol

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