Just Because I Want To Remember

There isn’t really any rhyme or reason to this post, it’s just some random stuff that Hailey does or says that I want to remember.

Hailey has a few big words that she says:

  • “Mommy, I NEED a cal-ca-later”  (calculator)
  • “See the albatross” as she points to an albatross in her Wild Animals magazine
  • “No, no.  It’s dan-gous.  My need to be safe.”  (dangerous)
  • “Oh mommy.  It’s dec-o-ations.  It’s nice.  Dec-o-ations are reeeeeally pretty”  (decorations)

Hailey loves books by David Shannon and her favorite book is “No, David.”  If you haven’t seen this book you have to check it out- I have never met a child who didn’t love this book.  On one of the pages in the book David has escaped from his mother and is running down the road with no clothes on.  You can see his bare little bottom as he runs away from her.  Of course, Hailey thinks this is just hilarious.  One day while Rich was reading this to her, he told her that David was “butt-naked.”  So, now of course- this is Hailey’s favorite new phrase.

  • When I try to get Hailey dressed for the day she says, “No clothes!  My NEED butt-naked!”
  • Every time I change her diaper she runs from me through the house saying, “No clothes!  My NEED butt-naked.”
  • And of course, the other night while Rich and Hailey were outside playing- Hailey shared her new phrase with our next door neighbor.

Hailey is one of the pickiest eaters I have ever met.  Almost every night at dinner she says, “My can’t like it.”

And my two favorite things that Hailey says:

  • “Mommy is pretty.”
  • “I love you too Mommy.”

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0 comments on “Just Because I Want To Remember

  1. I love remembering posts. Those are my favorite!

  2. Caroline always liked a book called “No, No Jo” about a cat doing naughty things.

  3. Her Mommy is pretty. :)
    I used to tell my children…..OBEY..after I had told them to do something and they were hesitating.
    Julia started telling our dog the same thing when he was doing something he should not do. It was pretty cute. Especially when she would put her hands on her hips. :0!

  4. I love this stage in a toddler. The things they say are so cute and precious.

  5. so precious… enjoy this time…

  6. Andrea (Lifesong) on said:

    It’s so important to write these things down. It will be able to give you joy many years down the road. Such a cute little girl.

  7. Amanda Leigh on said:


  8. MamaGeek on said:

    Oh Hailey is at SUCH a fun age!! I especially adore cal-ca-later. Seriously, I wish we could hit the pause button!

  9. This post is too cute! :)

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