Celebrating Rich’s Birthday

Yesterday was Rich’s birthday but the first celebration actually took place a little over a week ago.  We were visiting my parents so we had a small party to celebrate Rich’s birthday.  My mom ordered pizza from Rich’s favorite pizza place and got him an ice cream cake.

Hailey helped Rich blow out his candles and then dug right into the frosting.

Then yesterday we had a little celebration for Rich at home.  Rich wants to get a new laptop (remember that a certain toddler broke his screen) so everyone gave him money to use towards a laptop.  I wanted him to at least have one present to open, so I printed out a picture of laptop and wrapped it up for him.

Of course, Hailey had to open up the present for Rich.

Then we went out to eat to celebrate Rich’s birthday.  Hailey did pretty well during dinner- we let her sit in a booster seat instead of a high chair and it seemed to help.  I ate way too much- I’m definitely going to have to start looking for the best diet pills to get rid all the weight the birthday celebrations are making me gain.

Rich requested that I make him a Texas Brownie instead of having cake again.  Hailey helped- and as I’m sure you can tell she was very helpful in adding the letters to the brownie.  I have no idea why Dwight from The Office is on there- but Rich wanted him there and I figured that since it was his birthday he could do it if he wanted to.

So there you have it- a wrap up of Rich’s birthday celebtration.  Have a fabulous weekend!


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17 comments on “Celebrating Rich’s Birthday

  1. I am so glad that it went well! Those cakes look yummy!

  2. Happy Birthday to Rich! It looks like you all had a good time! Blessings Grams

  3. Yum-that cake looks so good and I am sure Hailey loves blowing out the candles.

  4. favorite mother in law on said:


  5. Colleen - Mommy Always Wins on said:

    Cute pics -

    Why *WOULDN’T* Dwight Schrute be on the cake? ;-)

  6. It's My World on said:

    Happy Birthday to Rich! God bless you and give all your expectations.

  7. It's My World on said:

    Happy Birthday to Rich! God bless you and give all your expectations.

  8. Very cute child, reminder of blissful innocence :)

  9. Keep It Classy, Jen on said:

    Love the second cake!! I’d love for you to join us at The Posh Parent http://theposhparent.ning.com!

  10. Wow that girl is soo cute. And i love the dwight schrute on the cake xD.
    http://musingsofthemindz.blogspot.com/ (sorry i need the pagerank thingy, im new to this whole thing :(

  11. Looks like he had a great bday. My husband would have loved the cake with Dwight on it. We went to Target this weekend and there is tons of stuff from the Office in the dollar section!

  12. Comedy Plus on said:

    What a fun day. I had a little piece of both cakes. I hope you don’t mind. Have a great day. :)

  13. Happy Birthday to Rich! I know you guys had an awesome time AND you celebrated for a week! Now that’s what I call a celebration!

    By the way “our” baby is getting so big!

  14. SO now pass the candles on to me….we will flip them and have them for my b-day!
    The cake looks great….and (pssst….there is no such pill).
    But we can always dream.

  15. Happy belated Birthday to Rich! I loved the Dwight Cake! CLASSIC!

  16. Kim @ What's That Smell? on said:

    Sounds like a great birthday! The Bobblehead cracked me up!

  17. Kim @ What's That Smell? on said:

    Sounds like a great birthday! The Bobblehead cracked me up!

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