Vacation Pictures

I finally had a few minutes to upload some pictures of our vacation. After we spent a few days at my parents house (and I got to meet Pam) Rich, Hailey, my parents and I packed up the car to head to visit Mike, Matt and Ellie.

We packed just a few things. Actually now that I look at that- most of that stuff was for me, Rich and Hailey. Where is all of my parents stuff?

The car ride was 8 hours, so we made several stops to keep Hailey happy. And she did excellent. There may have been a couple instances of whining but she did so good. This is during one of our stops. Hailey and my dad are watching some trucks go by.

While we were driving Rich saw this van with an AC unit in the back. So we had to slow way down so that I could take pictures of it. Rich thought it was pretty funny.

During our visit we took a nice walk so that Hailey could check out some cows. She had never seen cows in real life so she was pretty excited to check them out.

Later we went on a picnic right next to a duck pond. Hailey loved feeding the ducks with her Aunt Ellie.

We saw this while we were at the duck pond. I have no idea what it is. Does anyone know?

Ellie had saved a big box for Hailey and together they made a house. Check out my Our Crafts ~N~ Things blog to see pictures of them making the house.

Rich and Matt after a game of golf.

We had a great time at a nearby park- Hailey loved all of the special attention she got from her Aunt Ellie!

The fireflies were out all over the place as we were getting ready to leave the park. If you look near the top of left of the picture you can see the firefly that Hailey and “Pa” are looking at.

Even though Mike’s birthday isn’t until August we decided to celebrate it while we were all together. Hailey loved helping Uncle Mike celebrate.

Meet my adorable little nephews- Tuxedo and Penguin. Hailey loved the kitties… as long as they stayed away from her box house.

Hailey helping Uncle Matt play a song on his guitar.

Hailey saying goodbye to Penguin and Tuxedo. She was leaning in to give them hugs but they both got out of the way pretty quickly.

We had a very nice time being with all of my family. Thanks again to Matt and Ellie and to Mike for hosting!


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13 comments on “Vacation Pictures

  1. lol…ok, I’m laughing at how jam packed that van is. How did you guys find a place to sit? haha

  2. Those pictures are great! I am so glad you had a good time. I was disappointed though- no picture of Rich ‘helping’ entertain Hailey which we know means sleeping ;) just kidding! So glad you had a wonderful visit!

  3. Chuck (a/k/a Rhonda) on said:

    Sweet, lovely, precious family moments.

    Good times.

    You’re so blessed. Have a great weekend friend. *lovies*

  4. dana on said:

    love the pictures….. looks like such a fun, relaxing family VaCa!!

    PS – that van with the AC is seriously hilarious… I did a double take before I read the caption, LOL.. I too would have slowed down to snap a pic…

  5. Ashley on said:

    What a wonderful vacation and the pictures are great. They tell a story!

  6. Heidi on said:

    I love the fact that her mouth is open in a huge smile in every picture. Looks like great memories were made. Glad you had a good trip.

  7. Heather on said:

    Wonderful pics!

    That one is a duck, can’t remember what kind. They’re usually mean, my neighbor had one when I was growing up.

  8. mama meji on said:

    Wow…sounds like you had a lovely vacation with your family.

  9. Sharon on said:

    Sounds like ya’ll had a great time.
    Moving here has brought us close to my brother so it has been nice for Julia to be with family she usually does not get to see often. I am glad Hailey had such a good time with her Aunts and Uncles.
    I love the last picture of her with the cats.

  10. Denise on said:

    Enjoyed the pictures sweetie.

  11. Lifesong on said:

    Fun! Fun! Fun!

    Isn’t it amazing how quickly the vehicle can pack up with stuff when we go on trips??

  12. Danielle on said:

    Great pics! It looks like yu had a great time! That van was very, very funny!

  13. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls on said:

    It looks like you guys had a great vacation! Great pictures – I love the picture of Hailey in the box! :)

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