A “Random” Meeting

I was able to meet Pam from Random Thoughts over the weekend. It still sounds a little funny to me to say that I got to meet someone that I found on the Internet. But, anyhoo, on to our meeting.

The plan was for Rich and I to meet Pam and her hubby for breakfast. Honestly I was a little nervous about meeting Pam. What if she thought my clothes were funny looking? What if she thought I was funny looking? What if I spilled my food all over myself? What if no one knew what to talk about and we all just sat there staring at each other? What if I started rambling on and on trying to fill the silence and ended up sounding like a complete idiot? What if I overslept and missed the meeting all together?

As soon as I saw Pam and we hugged hello my nervousness was gone. It felt like I was meeting with an old friend and I was completely comfortable. Pam is the same in person and she is on her blog. And her hubby Gary was wonderful too! I had a great time and there were no uncomfortable silences. We talked and we laughed. And then we talked and laughed some more. It really just felt like I was with friends I have known since forever.

But all too soon our breakfast meeting was over and we all had to be on our way. And of course being bloggers, we both had our cameras tucked in our purses and had to pose for a picture before we went our separate ways. I’m not sure why, but Rich and Gary didn’t want to pose for a picture together.

And now I’m ready to start planning our next meet up. Maybe next time we meet we’ll be able to convince Rich and Gary that they need a picture together too.


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22 comments on “A “Random” Meeting

  1. Simone on said:

    Thats really cool.

  2. Denise on said:

    I am glad you enjoyed meeting a new friend.

  3. Mercedes on said:

    That is so cool!

  4. Willow on said:

    Very cool. I have met online friends several times and pretty much they’ve all been the same cool people they were on whatever site I met them on. Thanks for the pic!

  5. Heidi on said:

    How fun… and you didn’t have to pay a site like E Harmony to meet someone over the internet. heheh.

  6. Andrea on said:

    That’s awesome! I’m glad you two had such a great meeting! I’d love to meet some of the friends I’ve met through blogs as well! :)

  7. Comedy Plus on said:

    Meeting fellow bloggers is indeed fun. I’m glad your meeting went well. Great photograph too. Have a great day. :)

  8. Spice on said:

    That’s awesome how you hit it off. I’ve met people in real life that I met first online and have found some great friends that way. But I was always a bit nervous before.

  9. Heather on said:

    Great pic!

    Considering that I met my Hubby on the internet, meeting someone face to face that you met on the internet is not all that weird to me.

    Thanks for sharing your IRL meeting!!

  10. dana on said:

    I am so happy you guys had a great time together.. I would love to meet some of my Bloggy Friends!

  11. Lifesong on said:

    You have NO idea how jealous I was of you two this weekend. I’m so glad you had fun though. But next time — I wanna come too!! :)

  12. lina on said:

    very cool! and seems like you guys had fun. I love meeting fellow bloggers too, and I do tend to get nervous how they would perceive the “real” me. :-)

  13. Saph @ Walk With Me on said:

    That’s neat you got to meet a fellow blogger. :)
    I’d be nervous too that I wouldn’t have anything to talk about. Glad to hear it went so well.

  14. regina on said:

    I’m glad that you 2 ladies had so much fun! Sounds like you are already planning for the next shin dig, wish I was there! Nice picture!

  15. Danielle on said:

    Yay! You are so lucky to have met Pam. She is awesome!

  16. rachel on said:

    That sounds like a ton of fun. I am glad that you both had a wonderful time.

  17. rachel on said:

    That sounds like a ton of fun. I am glad that you both had a wonderful time.

  18. HOW FUN! I’m SO JEALOUS! I love ya both! How fun that would’ve been. Too bad I live on the other side of the country huh? :( The picture is so cute! You both are BEAUTIFUL!

  19. mama meji on said:

    It sounds like you had a great time. That’s really wonderful. It really would be nice to see and to talk the face behind the blog.

  20. Chuck (a/k/a Rhonda) on said:

    OK – dodo bird here. I’ve got tears in my eyes!!! I love you both and to find this post about you actually meeting is pure craziness! I wish I could’ve been there. I’m happy for you 2. Friends, no matter where you meet, is so wonderful. *huggies*

  21. We just got in from the beach and of course I had to check in on some blogs while waiting to switch over loads of laundry! I had SO MUCH fun too! You are wonderful and I loved hanging out with you- I just wish it could have been for longer! We MUST plan another one!! I’ll have to get my post up as soon as I download my pics. Hope you are having fun visiting your family and that Hailey did well on the drive- I’m sure Rich is all rested up from the drive too ;)

  22. Jolene on said:

    That is so awesome!!
    I have met people in person that I’ve met online before, but so far nobody that I have met through my blog. Doesn’t help that most of the bloggers whose blogs I read are in the US and I’m in Canada!

    It’s so great when you hit it off so well too! And your initial thoughts are what would have been going through my mind too LOL.

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