Some Nice Surprises!

Everyday when the mail comes Hailey is thrilled.  She watches the mailman go by and then wants to go outside to get the mail.  She is always hoping that there will be something for her.

In the last couple of weeks there have been some nice surprises in the mail for Hailey and she was so happy.

First she got this adorable dress from Aunt Ruth and Uncle Ralph.  Hailey was so excited when we put it on on Sunday for church.  She came out of her room and went right to the kitchen where Rich was to show him her dress.  And then she stopped for a quick pose before we went to church.

Aren’t I beautiful?

Then she received a package from Aunt Winnie and she was so excited to open it up to see what it was.

It was a new DVD called Toddler Songs.  Hailey loves her new DVD and doesn’t want to watch her Veggie Tales DVD’s anymore.  She gets to watch one DVD before bed while she eats her snack and as soon as we start getting ready for bed Hailey starts asking to watch the DVD by saying ”Jesus! Jesus! Peeezzzz (please) Jesus!”

Hailey working on her thank you notes for her nice surprises.

Thank you Aunt Ruth & Uncle Ralph and Aunt Winnie!


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11 comments on “Some Nice Surprises!

  1. Pinay Jade on said:

    Oh my goodness, she’s like a living doll! You are so lucky with such a cute and bubbly girl like Hailey;)

  2. she is too cute in that dress! Fun surprises in the mail are great – no matter how old you are! I still love getting goodies in the mail!

  3. Denise on said:

    That dress is so cute, she is a living doll.

  4. Kellan on said:

    Cute little dress. She sounds like a lucky little girl – so loved by everyone!

    Have a good weekend, Melanie – see you – Kellan

  5. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls on said:

    Oh what a beautiful dress – she look absolutely adorable in it! :)

  6. Spice on said:

    She is SO cute and I love that dress!!!

  7. Grams on said:

    She is one blessed little girl!! and Beautiful too!! The little dress is so cute! Love and hugs Grams

  8. dANA on said:

    that is such a cute lil dress – too adorable!

    I know how she feels – i LOVE getting the mail too…

  9. rachel on said:

    I love her smile so much. Max loves getting the mail too.

  10. Stacy on said:

    Aww she is so cute!

  11. Kristi on said:

    That dress is adorable. My boys still get excited every time they see the mail person come. They get excited about the garbage truck too.

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