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Is it time for Meme Monday already?  Wow!  The weeks sure do fly by fast.

So- what’s Meme Monday all about?  Every week we save up everything we are tagged to do and then post all of the memes we have been tagged with each Monday.  We also use it to post the awards we have received during the week before.  Get all of the details right here.

For the last two Meme Mondays I didn’t have anything to post because no one had tagged me.  So, some of you must have felt bad for me last week and decided to tag me.  I’m not going to post everything today though because that would be too overwhelming.  So, if you tagged me I will eventually get around to doing it just not necessarily today.

I was tagged by Zam for this high school meme.  Some of the questions I won’t be able to answer because I’m pretty sure the school system that Zam grew up in was a lot different than the one I grew up in.  But, I’ll do my best.

THINK BACK TO 4th year high school… Let’s see how much you remember and how much you regret.

What section were you?
This question, for example, I don’t know what a section is.  So, we didn’t have sections where I went to school.

Who were your seatmates?
I’m also not really sure what this means.  We had nine different class periods throughout the day so depending on which class I was in I had different people I sat next to.

Still remember your english teacher?
I won’t be putting her name here, but I do remember.  Which is pretty surprising considering I rarely went to her class.  Maybe once or twice a week I would show up.  I did well in her class and she didn’t care if I came to class, so I didn’t usually go.

What was your first class?
I have no idea. I can’t believe I don’t remember. I can remember what I had at all of the other times of the day but I can not remember what my first class was.  It’s driving me crazy!

Made friends to the lower years?
Yes, I did.  And much to my parents dismay there was a certain boy who was younger me that I spent lots of time with- and he was trouble.

How was your class schedule?
It was great.

Made any enemies?
I don’t think so.  I can’t remember making any enemies.

Who was your favorite teacher(s)???
My calculus teacher.

What sport did you play?
HA!  Me?  Play a sport?  That is just too funny.

Were you a party animal?
No.  I had lots of great times with my friends but I wouldn’t consider us to have been party animals.

Were you well known in your school?
I don’t think so.  I knew a lot of the people who were in the same grade as me but as far as school wide I don’t think I was well known.

A little too much.

Did you get suspended/expelled?
I had in school suspension… for skipping too many classes.  Which makes a whole lot of sense to me- you don’t go to class so you get suspended from going to class.  Huh???

Can you sing the alma mater?
Some of it.

What was your favorite subject?

Did you go to the dances?
Just to the prom.

Where did you go most often during breaks?
Out of the building to various food establishments nearby.  That is actually how I met Rich ;)

What did you do on the last day of school?
I have no idea.

Well, that was a fun little trip down memory lane!  If you’d like to play along let me know so I can read yours too!


Then I received this award from Dana at Just Talk.

Awww, thank you so much Dana!  I think you rock too!!

And that’s all for this week.  If you haven’t entered my giveaway yet and you want a chance to win a set of BPA-free Evenflo sippy cups then be sure to click here to enter.

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8 comments on “Meme Monday

  1. Pam on said:

    congrats on the award! I can’t remember much about high school….it was that long ago either!

  2. zamejias on said:

    I still remember the post you wrote about meeting Rich months ago…I think it was a Meme…

    Congrats on the awards.

  3. earthlingorgeous on said:

    congrats about the award!

    I will have to ask everyone to vote for me! I was nominated to reach the peek of SOcial Climbing ladder! Help! hahaha!

    Thank you all.

    High school is my most favorite time of my school life. I had the best time.

  4. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls on said:

    Congrats on the award! :)

  5. Niki on said:

    Congrats on your award!

  6. great meme, Congrats on your award.
    Happy Monday

  7. Denise on said:

    Enjoyed your answers. Congrats on your award.

  8. MamaGeek on said:

    Any girl who likes her calculus teacher is OKAY in my books! :) Very fun.

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