I’ve Graduated…

…from Momma to Mommy. Actually more of a Mom-ME! But still.

I posted the other day that Da-Da had become Daddy and I was happy to still be Momma.  And guess what happened the very next day?  I became Mommy.

Why does that make me sad?  It just does.

Why does it make me just a little bit sad that Hailey doesn’t cry for me anymore when I bring her to the nursery at church?  I am happy that she loves to go. As soon as I tell her we are getting ready for church she starts talking about the “bay-BEE” (baby) because she loves to play with the dolls there. 

When we got to church on Sunday she ran down the hall to her class.  Ran.  Towards the nursery.  Away from ME.  And when we got there she put her hands out to one of the nursery workers.  Away from ME.  Her Momma Mom-ME.  And even though I am happy I don’t have to listen outside the door to hear how long she cries anymore- it hurts my heart, just a little bit, that she doesn’t.


Livin' With Me!

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16 comments on “I’ve Graduated…

  1. Spice on said:

    Aw, I remember my heart hurting too when my 3 did that. At the same time though be proud of yourself for teaching her that confidence so she can do all of that. :)

  2. Spice on said:

    I just added your Blogoholics Anon logo to my blog too. :)

  3. Heather on said:

    It’s a good thing! She still wants to come home with you, right? ;-)

  4. Pinay Jade on said:

    Ahhwww! She’s growing up;) But I am sure you are still and will remain her favorite person.

    By the way,I have an Award for You

  5. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls on said:

    Oh I know – it’s so hard going between being glad that they’re happy when you have to leave them and almost wanting them not to be because at least you know they miss you. :)

  6. Patricia on said:

    And when she’s a teenager, you’ll just be "Hey."

  7. Marni on said:

    I remember that with my daughter. I hated it too.

  8. Nodins Nest on said:

    The day my 3 year old son called me “mom” instead of mommy, my heart sank miles! He uses all 3 now… mommy,mom,and maaaaa (when he’s yelling)! They have to grow up, but boy I wish it would slow down.

  9. regina on said:

    aaaawwwww, how fast they grow up!!!!!
    soon she’ll be heading off to …*gasp* PRESCHOOL!!!! I can’t wait to see that post!

  10. I remember a similar incident around 27 years ago when a certain little girl(named Melanie) did that to me and how very sad I was.

  11. We are THAT family on said:

    I remember this transition and I’m dreading it with my last baby.

  12. Denise on said:

    Bless your precious heart.

  13. Seeing them grow is so bittersweet!

  14. rachel on said:

    It must be so hard to go through that. I know momma is sacred and then mommy and then MOM. It is funny how we change that names that we call our parents as we get older. You are such a great mom and Hailey will love reading these posts when she is older.

  15. Kellan on said:

    It is hard to let them go, but a child that goes easily is a sign of a very secure child – you should be very proud!

    Take care- Kellan

  16. common mom on said:

    It’s a good thing! I was always happy they were happy to go (independence) – but even happier when they were so excited to see me when I came back :-)

    Just one more example that you are a wonderful mommy . . . teaching her independence even though it hurts inside.

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