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I know I post everyday, but it seems like it’s been a while since I’ve actually written anything about what’s been going on with us.  So, I decided that it’s about time I update everyone with what has been going on in our lives.

First of all- there has been a major change here at the Livin’ With Me household.  For about the last year Rich has been very unhappy at his job.  Last year in July we talked very seriously about Rich leaving his job and finding something to do that he enjoys.  Rich has always enjoyed playing around on the Internet and creating sites and a bunch of other stuff I don’t understand.  He has done it as a hobby and really likes doing it.  So, we have talked a lot about him leaving his job to do something he has fun doing. 

There always seemed to be a reason not to do it though- mostly it was me worrying about all of the what ifs (and believe me I know there are lots of what ifs). I could see that Rich was becoming more and more unhappy with his job to the point of hating it.  I think that life is too short to go to a job every single day that you truly hate, and to think about doing that everyday for the rest of your life is an awful feeling.  We finally decided that Rich would leave his job and try doing what he actually likes doing. So, a couple of weeks ago Rich left his job to work from home doing what he enjoys doing.  I know that there are still a lot of what ifs and we have certainly taken a big leap. 

This is the reason that you have probably noticed that I have been writing a lot of sponsored posts lately.  Many of the posts I write I am getting paid to write them.  I don’t really want to do them and I don’t like filling my blog up with those kinds of posts.  But for now it is helping to supplement our income as Rich starts out on this new venture.  So, I appreciate that you are still here reading my blog even though you have to comb through all of the other posts. 

The way I keep my blog organized is whatever my “main” post of the day is will stay at the top of my blog.  Anything under that is probably a post I am being paid for.  You will also find what I call “filler” posts that are in-between the posts I am paid for- this is a requirement of one of the companies I write for.  Please do not feel like you have to read all of my sponsored and filler posts, and certainly don’t feel like you have to comment on everything.  If you just read the post I put up at the top of my blog each day then you will be reading or seeing what I consider to be the important post for that day.

So, I guess that’s all for my updates for now.  Please keep us in your prayers as we are going through this change.  It’s been fun and exciting but also very stressful.


Livin' With Me!

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17 comments on “What’s Been Going On

  1. Denise on said:

    I will be lifting your sweet family up in my prayers, love you.

  2. Lisa's Chaos on said:

    That sounds very exciting and very scary! Wow. I wish you well with this venture. :)

  3. JenLo on said:

    CONGRATS to you guys! I’m sure both of you guys are going to be much happier!

  4. Chandra on said:

    Good luck! My hubby works from home and it is quite a blessing but it comes with it’s own stresses as well. I haven’t minded the sponsored posts at all. I’m trying to pick up some as well on my blog so I think most of us out here understand that you do what you gotta do!

  5. Good luck with all the new changes!! I hope everything works out well for you!

  6. Heather on said:

    Good to know about the new venture!

  7. We are THAT family on said:

    My husband changed careers about 4 years ago. It was very scary, but we trusted God and He provided. We’re all moms-most of us- and we totally understand the need for additional income and I don’t think it bothers anyone out there!

  8. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls on said:

    Good luck – I hope that everything works out well for him! :)

  9. Sharon on said:

    Boy do I know about those life changing times. Talk about feeling as if you are being stretched to the limit.
    I am still on blogging break but I wanted to check in–glad I did.
    I will pray for ya’ll during this time. :)
    And you keep right on posting those post that we know are really not for our benefit. ;) cha-ching or so I hope

  10. You know I am thinking of you/your family and praying for you! I hope this works out for Rich and he can make lots of money doing it. I know I wish I could find something that makes it easier for me to be with the kids – if I can’t be home, at least something more flexible for when they are sick, etc. Oh well…..anyway…..as for the paid posts- you do what you have to do for your family! You are working and helping your family to earn some money. no need to feel badly or apologize to us for that. Keep taking care of that family! ;)

  11. Common Mom on said:

    Yeah for you guys! I totally hear you on the life is too short to do something you don’t like ever. single. day. Hubby is currently working on getting his home business started as well and we can’t wait until he can quit his job to work on his new venture and be home much more with us. I’m nervous about the what ifs, but ya know what, we’ll all make it one way or another.

    I’m thinkin’ about you guys!

  12. Debbie on said:

    It’s always scary when you decide to leave a stable income and try something unsure, BUT keep trusting God for the direction of your life and He will see you through! Thanks for letting us know.

  13. Saralynn on said:

    Change is always scary. Taking a leap of faith is good though. I agree that life is too short to be unhappy in a job. (It’s one of the reasons I became a SAHM, lots of sacrifices in taking chances too)
    I will be thinking of you and your family. I have no doubt you will succeed! And of course I will still read your blog, your too fun not to read!!

  14. Mercedes on said:

    I have wondered about earnings from my blog-just not sure yet! I completely understand-and I will still be here! I would like to venture into what your husband is doing. I enjoy that type of stuff too! I am thinking of taking some more computer classes in web design and such! Good Luck with this change in your life and I hope things turn out great! Thanks for the heads up!

  15. Rachel on said:

    Mel-you are such a supportive and loving wife. Rich is so lucky to have you. I will keep my prayers coming your way. HUGS to your loving and wonderful family. I did not even notice those type of posts because I just love reading your blog. I am here to stay.

  16. Andrea on said:

    You inspire me with how you stand by your man. Les has been unhappy with his job for years now, but I’m too scared for him to start over with something new. I admire your strength and faith!!

  17. Wish you the best. Change is hard, but hopefully things will work out in your favor :)

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