Happy Birthday Brooke

Dear Brooke,

I feel like I don’t know where to start this letter to you.  I guess I should start out by mentioning all of those years ago when I first met you.  Daddy brought me to one of your dance recitals so that I could meet you.  You know how when you watch a dance recital there is always that one kid who is out in front and obviously knows exactly what she is doing?  And all of the other kids are watching and following her moves?  The thing that stands out most in my mind about the day I met you was that you were that girl out in front- the one leading the rest of the group.  I’ve always been one of the ones who stands back and follows and I was so impressed with your confidence.

It was love at first site- you were such an amazing little girl.  And as I got to know you I loved you more and more.  You have always had such a big heart and you are so accepting and loving. 

While I know I am not your mom I have always loved you just like you were my own child.  We have shared many happy times together and I cherish the many wonderful memories I have of times spent with you.  You mean more to me than you will ever be able to understand until the day when you have your own children.

I can’t believe that little girl I saw dancing on that stage all of those years ago is turning 16 today.  Where oh where has the time gone?  You are still that same person you were back then- full of confidence, a natural leader, always ready for some fun and laughs, and of course you still have that big heart full of acceptance and love. 

I love watching you as a big sister to Hailey.  The way you are with her makes me so happy and the way she already looks up to you is such a great thing to be able to see.

You are an amazing young woman and I know that you will be able to do anything you put your mind to doing.  I am proud of the person you are and look forward to what is ahead in your future.

Happy 16th Birthday to my favorite teenager! 

I love you,

(P.S.- Can’t wait to get a phone call tomorrow to hear the words, “I passed my permit test!”) 


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13 comments on “Happy Birthday Brooke

  1. Happy Birthday Brooke! What a sweet and beautiful letter! Now you made me cry!

  2. Sharon on said:

    That was sweet!
    I am glad that you have been blessed with such a sweet relationship with your “older daughter”.;)

  3. Rachel on said:

    I love that letter. Thanks so much for making me feel so good after reading that. Happy Birthday Brooke!

  4. bunny on said:

    Lovely letter! Happy Birthday Brooke!!

  5. Grandma and Grandpa G. on said:

    Happy Sixteenth Birthday Brooke. We love you!!!!!

  6. my4kids on said:

    That is such a sweet letter!
    Happy Sweet 16 Brooke!

  7. zamejias on said:

    You are such a sweet mom. Happy birthday to Brooke.

  8. MamaGeek on said:

    Brooke is beautiful and so lucky to have you in her life.

  9. regina on said:

    What an awesome post!! Happy Birthday to Brooke!

  10. Denise on said:

    Hope Brooke had a wonderful birthday.

  11. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls on said:

    Happy Birthday to Brooke – I hope she had a great day! :)

  12. WOW 16 years old… happy birthday Brooke.

  13. brooke on said:

    thank you so much melanie i love you so much too

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