Wordless Wednesday #48

Livin’ With Me

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Livin' With Me!

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37 comments on “Wordless Wednesday #48

  1. jams o donnell on said:

    Haha Good one! Happy WW

  2. Denise on said:

    I like that, lol

  3. I knew those appliances were good for something! hee hee hee

  4. SandyCarlson on said:

    Finally, the prototype is ready!

  5. dkaye on said:

    Now that’s a practical solution to multitasking!

    happy ww. :)

  6. napaboaniya on said:

    Homemakers are the leaders in multi-tasking!! :)

  7. zamejias on said:

    Where can I get that? :-)


  8. Michelle Potter on said:

    LOL, I need one of those!!

  9. Tiff @ Three Peas on said:

    If it were only true!!! Thanks for the Laugh Melanie

  10. OH I so need one of those. :)

  11. marcia v on said:

    perfect sign me up

  12. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls on said:

    Oh that’s my kind of kitchen! Or office… LOL Talk about multi-tasking. :)

  13. La Bellina Mammina on said:

    if only we can have those too!! LOL!

  14. Robert on said:

    Talk about efficient!

    My WW post for this week is up.

  15. my4kids on said:

    You know I may get something done if I had one of those.

  16. Janne on said:

    Now THAT’s my kind of workstation. LOL.

  17. kailani on said:

    Talk about multi-tasking!

  18. Pamela on said:

    I’m writing a check. Where do we get it Ikea?

  19. a simple life on said:

    She’s a certified mom, lol.

  20. liza on said:

    good idea! hahaha. happy ww.

  21. Mercedes on said:

    That is hilarious! Where can I purchase one of these? LOL!
    Check out mine here: http://mercedesrules.wordpress.com/2008/03/05/wordless-wednesday-road-signs-edition/

    I also have another site hosting two more memes and in search of participants. Check out Mercedes ROcks here: http://mercedesrocks.wordpress.com

  22. maya on said:

    I agree, its multi-tasking…Happy WW!!

  23. lareine on said:

    this is such an accurate illustration of working wife and mom :)

  24. ValleyGirl on said:

    Ah, the quintessential SAHM desk!!! Perfect!

  25. Elaine on said:

    She’s a true multi-tasker, isn’t she?? LOL!

  26. regina on said:

    Cool way to multitask!

  27. Frigga on said:

    Oh my – what an awsome idea! If you ever find anyone selling a desk like that, let me know! ;-)

    Happy WW :-)

  28. ha ha, I need one! :)

  29. MomOf3 on said:

    Too funny! I wish I had one! It would make it easier to multi-task!

  30. Common Mom on said:

    That is TOTALLY what I feel like today! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  31. Terri H on said:

    Are you sure you didn’t come to my house? That resembles my life.

  32. That looks like a retired bookkeeper desk to me. And it’s exactly what I need to make my life complete. :D

  33. Kelly on said:

    Hey, how did you get a picture of MY office…..:) Love it!

  34. Sonya on said:

    Oh my goodness….this is so me. The only thing the picture needs is a couple of kids sitting in front of the desk with school books (we homeschool). LOL!

  35. e-Mom on said:

    Hilarious! I like that Melanie. :~D

    Blessings, e-Mom @ Chrysalis

  36. Lana G! on said:

    That is fabulous!

    I am visiting here for the UBP but had to comment here too!!

  37. Shari on said:

    I just love the comics that you find and post.

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