Ooooohhhh, This Was Fun

Regina tagged me to play along with this fun little game.  Since my Meme Monday is going to be full I decided I wanted to post this today. 

These are the rules:

It’s really easy to do, just go to MagMyPic plug in a pic of yourself and choose a magazine cover you want grace.
Then: 1)Link back to the person who tagged you. 2)Tag as little or as many friends as you like, just make sure and tag somebody! Have Fun!!

And since I like to break rules, I am posting a picture of Brooke instead of a picture of me.

You know what? That was so much fun that I’m going to do it again later.  I’ll have to do another one with Hailey’s picture.  And, if you are all very well behaved I might do one with my picture.  (Since there have been recent comments that I never post pictures of myself.) 

And now for the tagging part- if you want to play along go right ahead.  Just let me know if you do so I can check out your picture on a magazine cover.

Livin’ With Me!


Livin' With Me!

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0 comments on “Ooooohhhh, This Was Fun

  1. I actually had to make Gary take a picture of me last night so I could do this for Monday. I am still going to look like terrible. Look at you breaking your own rules! ;)

  2. by the way- can’t wait to see Hailey (and then you) on the cover next!

  3. Denise on said:

    I want to see your sweet face on the cover my friend.

  4. Ashley on said:

    I love the picture of Brooke. This is a great idea.

  5. my4kids on said:

    I like these also but this is another one that doesn’t want to let me upload any photos :(
    I rarely post pics of myself either…

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