Thankful Thursday #14

Last week we were able to visit my parents (check out pictures of Hailey’s first toboggan ride if you missed that post) and we had a wonderful time.  I am thankful we were able to visit. 

While we were there, one evening my parents told Rich and I that we should go out on a date and they would watch Hailey for us.  Since we don’t live near our families and I am just a little bit overprotective of Hailey we never leave her with anyone so we can go out.  So, the last time Rich and I went out without Hailey was in July for our anniversary when my parents made a trip all the way to our house to watch her for us.

So, after strict instructions that I did not want Hailey falling down the stairs or choking or getting hurt in any way, Rich and I went out on our date.  We had a really nice dinner at the Olive Garden.  After dinner we went to see The Bucket List, which in my opinion was excellent.  I thought the movie was so good that I forgot all about eating the candy we had bought at Wal-Mart and then hid in my purse to sneak in with us (and don’t try to pretend you don’t sneak food in with you).  If you happen to go see The Bucket List, my only recommendation is to bring some tissues with you.  It’s probably not exactly attractive to have to wipe your running nose on your sleeve.  I’m just sayin’.

Anyhoo- I am so thankful for the nice date that Rich and I had.  It was so nice to be able to spend some time with just Rich; I had such a great time with him.  Thank you Mom and Dad!

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Livin' With Me!

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26 comments on “Thankful Thursday #14

  1. What a great thankful list sweetie. I am so glad you got to have a date night with your husband, how fun.

  2. Hi, I left a long comment and posted it just as blogger went out for a few minutes!!!
    I think every one takes candy in their purse to the movies!! I am so glad that you got to have a Date night!! How wonderful!! I will be so happy to get Kelly’s laptop home!! I am out at Karen’s tonight using her computer and it is wonderful!!! Love and Hugs Grams

  3. lori@allyouhavetogive on said:

    I was EXACTLY the same way with mine….
    so…with no parents around “dates” out were few and far between!!
    How nice you got to go and have peace of mind!!
    I heard that movie was great!!
    Happy Thursday.

  4. snippets on said:

    I tend to get overprotective with my son when he was younger, too … so dates with hubby back then was so few! :)
    It’s wonderful that you and your hubby had the chance to go out and have fun just like before! Will check out the movie …

  5. Praise the Lord for the joy of family.

  6. Oh, I was so blessed to read this. I heard that movie was great, now I can’t wait to see it. Hmmm, should I even sneak in my candy?

    Happy TT to you!

  7. Yea Olive Garden! Sounds like our kind of date.
    Love their salad.
    Dating your spouse is very important–glad ya’ll had a evening.

  8. I’m so glad you had a nice date night with your hubby! I haven’t seen that movie, but I really want to – I’ve heard lots of people say they loved it!

    Have a good Thursday! See you later – Kellan

  9. I am so glad that you were able to visit with your parents AND had a great date with your beloved. I totally understand that you won’t leave Hailey with anyone else :)

    Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this week.

    Blessings to you and yours…

  10. mama meji on said:

    Family visits are always great -well, for me.

    BTW, I love the Bucket List -that’s why when I started Makimeji last month, I came up with the Bucket List post -my very first post there. And yes, I’ve shed lots of tears watching it.

  11. jennifer on said:

    I love dates with my husband too. They are few and far between but with my kids are getting older we are trying to have more. They are so fun and I am always grateful for the time we get to spend alone.
    That is a great thing to be thankful for.

  12. So glad you had a sweet date with your hubby. When our kids were little, we made sure we took that time for us. Now that the kids are grown and out of the house, we don’t experience the “empty nest syndrome”. My hubby is my best friend…cause we made that time to have those dates when the kids were growing up. Good job girl. I just heard about that movie. Sounds really cute. Thanks for sharing today. Blessings.

  13. We are THAT family on said:

    We are going out of town tomorrow and I’m leaving my 3 kids with my sister. I’m already in a panic. Writing notes and trying to foresee every possible disaster that can happen. When it boils down to it-I simply have to trust. Boy, is that hard!

  14. poor man's nicole richie on said:

    a good movie date. bucket list is really good. i rarely watch movie and i would recommend it to others.
    the coffee jack n. was referring it called Alamid Coffee in our country. Named after the cat Alamid. Yeah, and it’s expensive.
    Mwah to Hailey!

  15. Twinkle Mom on said:

    That was very wonderful and definetely something to be thankful for! Lol…dates with hubby is a rare and precious thing! Lol

  16. What a great date night! I always thought it was weird that parents were overprotective of their kids to the point of never leaving them with someone else. Until we had our own! It’s not so much that I’m overprotective, I just LOVE being with her all the time. I hate to be away from her for any length of time!

    Thanks for sharing your blessings!

  17. Hi, Melanie from another Melanie. :)

    I’m new to Thankful Thursday and found your site thru the list of all the participants for today. So glad that I did!

    Oooh — date nights are so special. They don’t happen often enough at our house either. Glad it was so much fun!


  19. It is always nice to spend time alone with our husbands. Glad you got to get away. I was the same way with our children. I was (well am) over protective. We did not go anywhere much, unless they were with us. Happy TT. God Bless~

  20. Cafemommy on said:

    DATE NIGHT! You go girl! How cool is that…and the Bucket List (I laughed and cried). Been meaning to thank you for visiting my blog the other day, many thanks! Smile and have a great day!

  21. Mamasmurf on said:

    What a lovely thing for your family to do – it has been a long time since DH and myself went out alone, something we both really miss!
    Happy TT

  22. Great TT post. Dates are so great.

  23. By the way, I joined your Blogoholics Anoymous–I needed it. Heehee.

  24. oh! That is so nice! I am really glad that you were able to get out and go on a date with Rich. Adult conversation that is not interrupted by a child- now that is a good time! Yeah for your mom and dad! Oh yeah, I love Olive Garden! Yummy!

  25. MamaGeek on said:

    THAT sounds wonderful; it’s always nice to recharge the batteries!

  26. Date nights are SO awesome. I’m glad you were able to FINALLY have another one!!

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