Fun Filled Weekend

We spent last weekend visiting my parents and as always we had a wonderful time.  While we were there they got some snow, so my dad and Rich convinced me that it was time for Hailey to go on her first toboggan ride.

Livin’ With Me

Hailey and Rich are ready to come down the hill.

Livin’ With Me

Rich and Hailey stop to smile for a picture.

Livin’ With Me

Now it’s Pa’s turn to take Hailey down the hill.

Livin’ With Me

Hailey thinks about making the long trip back up the hill.

Livin’ With Me 

Hailey gets ready to throw a snowball.

Hailey loved playing in the snow and we had a great time this weekend.  As always it felt sad to leave to come home.
Livin’ With Me!


Livin' With Me!

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16 comments on “Fun Filled Weekend

  1. Jeez, you are fast!! I just left here about 20 minutes ago and came back to tag you and your post has changed already! Wow!
    Awesome pics! Hailey looks like she had a ball!
    Anyway I tagged you so come on by.

  2. OH my goodness she looks like she had a blast..
    we did some sleding this weekend also. Though it was 35 out and all the snow was melting. Never fear they are calling for 15 inches to come over the next two days..

  3. ValleyGirl on said:

    Oh, and tobogganing is such great exercise for the parents, too!! It’s one of the more fun forms of exercise, I think. Looks like a great time and I’m sure grandpa had a great time introducing Hailey to some snow fun!

  4. Rebekah on said:

    It looks like you all had a fun weekend!! Come on up north… we are supposed to get maybe up to 15 inches of snow between today and tomorrow!! Did Mommy or Grandma go sledding at all?? Or just Hailey, Daddy & Pa? Hehehehe!!

  5. What great pictures!
    How great that ya’ll can spend time with family so often. Enjoy it girl. As children grow older it seems to get harder. Mom and Dad live in town and if I see them more than once a month it is pretty good. We talk but it is just harder to get everyones schedules working together.
    Great picture of Rich and Hailey.

  6. poor man's nicole richie on said:

    is this your entry for the weekend snapshot? hailey’s very pretty in pink. and her cheeks are glowing too!
    it’s great that you caved in. her priceless enjoyment is greatly captured.
    hug and kisses to her.

    Morning Sniffles

  7. How fun! We have yet to take Tate sledding, but I’m sure he would LOVE it. He loves the snow too!

  8. Your pictures are priceless!! It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words.

  9. Common Mom on said:

    How fun! There are few pictures of my kids that I love more than those of them outside in the cold . . . all bundled up, rosy red cheeks, and huge smiles on their faces :-)

  10. What wonderful pictures of your sweeties!! What a fun time for your family – I’m glad you had a good weekend!

    See you later – Kellan

  11. Jientje on said:

    Looks like she had so much fun, I love the pink cheeks, they match with het outfit!

  12. Jientje on said:

    Looks like she had so much fun, I love the pink cheeks, they match with her outfit!

  13. I LOVE those pictures! How fabulous! I am glad Hailey got to enjoy her ride…I like that the dogs went along too! Yeah that you got to go home and visit your family! I bet that was good for your spirits!

  14. I love these pictures, hailey is so awesome.

  15. forgetfulone on said:

    Adorable photos!

  16. What great fun. Thanks for sharing the pics.

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